Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Give the captaincy back to John Terry

The discussion about John Terry's captaincy of England has reared its head again recently.

When it first came up for discussion in February 2010, I commented on it. Here are some snippets:

"So should John Terry carry on as England captain?

Chelsea obviously see no problem with the situation as he has carried on as captain of the Blues.

Why should it be any different for England?

Some may say the job's so important and it's representing the nation and all that. Is it? Is that the real reason for all this debate? Or is this just a typical media storm in a tea cup, brought about because of the lifting of restrictions on reporting this story, and the "haven't-we-done-well-to-expose-him?" media frenzy that has followed?

Let's face it. The media (newspapers in particular) love to "get" someone, don't they? And the bigger they are, the better. Captain of England? Top score!

If Fabio Capello sacked Terry as captain (and he won't), who would he put in his place?

Who are the candidates?
Steven Gerrard (he of the nightclub fight accusations)
Wayne Rooney (he of the dubious onfield discipline)
Rio Ferdinand (will he be fit?)

The fact is that Capello chose John Terry as England captain because he is the best man for the job - football-wise. Does there need to be another reason"

The only thing I was wrong about was that Capello DID sack Terry as captain. He chose Rio Ferdinand as his replacement, but Ferdinand has figured very infrequently due to injury (as I expected).

Give the captaincy back to John Terry - it's the right thing to do, Fabio.