Thursday, 9 October 2014

Games on foreign fields will see the death of English football

The emetic idea of playing Premier League games abroad has reared its ugly head again, I see.

Those who raise this idea have no regard for English football whatsoever. All they are concerned about is making money - plain and simple.

But what is left of English football?

The owners are foreign.
The managers are foreign.
The coaching staff are foreign.
The players are foreign.
"They" want to play the game on foreign fields.
"They" would no doubt use foreign officials.
Many fans are foreign - that's why "they" want to play games abroad - to cash in.

All that would be left would be English club names.

This revived idea is not for a "39th game" as before, but for shipping an existing round of matches to somewhere in the Far East.

The idea makes me sick and I spit on it.

Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore says the clubs still want a game abroad. Of course they do - to fill their coffers. It is up to him to say no!

But it seems he doesn't care.

It is a slow painful death for English football

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