Friday, 14 November 2014

FIFA report into corruption is exposed as corrupt!

FIFA is a joke.

The report about alleged corruption in the bidding processes for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups has been exposed as not being wholly representative of the investigations! So, basically the report of the investigation of corruption is corrupt!

And to add farce into the bargain, FIFA didn't miss the chance to have a pop at England saying that England's bid for the 2018 World Cup flouted bidding rules.

FIFA hates England.

So FIFA will reject, deny and go contrary to anything that England does. The chance of England hosting a World Cup in the next 50 years is zero.

But let's ignore the allegations of corruption for a moment. The fact is that the choice of Qatar as the host for the 2022 World Cup is just plain wrong. The tournament cannot be played in the month of July, as it normally id, causing fixture disruption around the world. And Qatar has never qualified for any World Cup final tournament - ever.

As for Russia - it doesn't have a great record on human rights, and the conflict with Ukraine continues to simmer. CSKA Moscow has just been punished for its fans' racist abuse - again. Why does FIFA reward countries like this?

Go figure.

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