Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Football League seem determined to 'get' Leeds United

It seems that the Football League is determined to 'get' Leeds United.

Their banning of Massimo Cellino as owner of the football club makes little sense, especially as the ban lasts only until mid-March. Apparently he failed the "fit and proper owner" test of the Football League.

But how can this be?

In his time at Leeds United, Cellino has:

  • erased the debt of the club
  • brought in new players to bring a new leas of life to the club
  • brought the club to the brink of being able to buy back Elland Road
  • brought more stability to the club than many previous owners had managed in a dozen years or so.
The action of the Football League will likely:
  • bring doubt and confusion over ownership for at least three and a half months
  • have a de-stabilising affect on the club
  • put into doubt players' long-term futures
  • put back the possibility of buying the ground back
The Football League seem determined to 'get' Leeds United, just when the club (having beaten Championship leaders Derby County 2-0 on Saturday) seemed to be getting back on track.

WHO exactly is failing the club in these circumstances?

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